The Zen of Spin-Clean

d_c_2The Spin-Clean requires that you slide the record between two brushes that have been saturated with a proprietary cleaning solution. The record then passes into a reservoir filled with distilled water. The brushes, cleaning solution and the water combine to work together to deep clean your records.

You grip the edges of the record and spin it clockwise three times. You then spin it counterclockwise three times.

After spinning, you remove the record and dry it with non-fibrous, soft and absorbent cloths. Once dried, you replace the record in its sleeve, which you then slide back into its jacket.

Or you can place the record directly on your turntable. If you do that, you’ll sit back and be amazed listening to a once grimy LP playing better than new without clicks, pops or grit.

The spin clean process is a zen-like process – particularly if you run multiple albums through it in one cleaning session.

The manual process isn’t exciting – it’s not meant to be. But what does happen (after about 15-20 records into the cleaning process), you start to become one with the activity. You start to flow. Your mind empties.

Soon you drop life’s illusions and see things before you without distortion or prejudice created by your own thoughts.

© 2017 Chris Barry



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